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2016-09-09 09:44

Finding a DJ quickly became my least favorite wedding-planning task. With others there are tangible things I can sift through and get a feel for the service/final product we’re going to receive. With DJs…not so much. It didn’t help that a bunch of them that I talked to were soooooo sales-pitchy (totally a word). I know it’s a marketing technique, get a customer interested in your business, butter them up a bit, then slap them with the price info…but I was so not about that life. I am very much a straight shooter when it comes to this sort of thing…if your packages start at $1,600 and my budget is $1,000, then we’re both wasting our time talking. Bonus points to the ones who would give me the price info via email, and A++ to those that list prices on their website! Of course, there are some who insisted on a phone call. Maybe it’s the Generation Y-er in me, but listening to a long spiel on the phone from someone who is literally double our budget is not my favorite activity.

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I feel their pain, though—as someone who works in audio, I know it’s really hard getting people to understand the artistic side of it (GLARING at you, Tony Awards, for taking away the award for Best Sound Design). Marketing yourself is tough in any industry, so I could forgive the occasional overzealous sales pitch. What really got under my skin was how some companies claimed to use “top of the line” and “highest quality” equipment, when they’re actually using really low-end gear. This might not make a difference to most couples, but since our reception will be full of audiophiles, I needed something that wouldn’t leave me the laughing stock of the pro-sound industry.

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So aside from budget and equipment, what else do you base your decision off of? We couldn’t think of much else aside from what “kind” of emcee ours would be. Everyone has vastly different opinions of what they like in a DJ , and here is what we found…

You’ve got the FULL ON PAR-TAY.? They aren’t shy about getting on the mic and pumping the crowd up. Some come with light/video packages that could be mistaken for something stolen from a Taylor Swift concert. Even further, some are stocked with props, the latest line dance choreo, and a boom microphone ready to get out on the dance floor with your guests!

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On the opposite side of the spectrum there’s the ?Keep It Chill. They dedicate their entire craft to doing exactly what the couple wants. They’ll take lists of the specific songs you want played, and they don’t put a lot of their own flare in it unless it’s requested. The only dialogue over the mic will most likely be pre-planned announcements like “Dinner is served!” and “Now the newlyweds will cut the cake!”

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There are, of course, DJs that fall somewhere in the middle,增添一份风景, and that’s exactly who the Dreamcatchers booked with Lethal DJ Services! We don’t have a very specific or unique taste in music, so our main priority was someone who could read a crowd and keep our guests dancing all night! At the same time, we don’t want our reception to feel like we’re “In da Club” with 50 Cent. The team at Lethal DJ Services was super professional at our face-to-face meeting, and I loved the level of enthusiasm they showed. The best part was I didn’t feel at all like a sales pitch was being rammed down my throat. We also liked that they had a wide range of packages, with options to keep it simple or add as many bells and whistles as we want. It’s still a little scary since we won’t have seen them “perform” before the day of our wedding. However, Lethal has a TON of glowing online reviews, so I’m sure we have nothing to worry about!

How did you feel about booking your entertainment? What are your preferences in a DJ?

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